To the rest of the world, Christians certainly are an odd bunch. I’m not talking about the ones who faithfully go to church yet don’t act like it the rest of the week. Yes, those are an odd bunch, too, but all-in Christians are even odder. It’s because our whole way of approaching life is based upon a foundation that we KNOW is solid.

Why do I say that? Because it has been tested and proven to be immovable. Our foundation is secure.

Our Foundation

What is our foundation? Jesus.

Look, we have come to have faith many different ways. Mine was through alcohol. Others through loneliness. Yet others through illness or death of a loved one. Whatever the back story, our foundation of hope is Jesus.

That hope carries us through hardship, even our own death to come. I don’t look forward to the process of dying, but I’m not afraid of what’s beyond. In fact, I look forward to it. Furthermore, if I really examine the issue, I’m not afraid of the process of death. Why? Because I have see others with faith use pain and suffering to the glory of God.

Christians aren’t exempt from pain, illness, hardship, or even death. It’s what we do with it that’s different. Sure, we pray for miracles (and often receive them), but we know that all this will pass. We have nothing to fear because our foundation is in Jesus.

Crazy Talk?

What are your fears or troubles? Perhaps today is the day to lay a new foundation for your life. How do you do that? Repentance. There really is no way around it. You must be willing to walk away from your life of sin and follow Jesus. It’s all or nothing. You might become a missionary to Africa, yes, but probably you’ll keep your same job. Then again, it might cost you it as well as some family, friends, and other loved ones. Not everyone will be happy that you are a Christian.

Count your costs. But don’t neglect to count your gain. What price can you put on inner peace despite the storm? But it’s not all about what you gain. Jesus is worthy to be worshipped, in and of himself. Even so, there are great blessings that come with it. Blessings that money can’t buy.

This is no small decision, friend. I know what I’m talking about. Most of my life was on a foundation made of sand. Not any more. Jesus is my rock. And my salvation.

Choose wisely.

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