I’ve been fascinated by the idea of creation lately. How did we come to being? What all is out there? The universe is so big that we don’t really have a clue as to just how big it might be. There is a new telescope to be launched soon that will be far more advanced than the Hubble. Who can forget the mind-blowing images that gave us? One in particular that sticks in my mind came from pointing the lens at the darkest part of the sky. To everyone’s surprise, it was filled full of galaxies far, far away!

The same can be said for turning the lens inward. More and more, we’re finding there are smaller and smaller “building blocks” that make up the material world. What we know is limited by today’s technology and theory. Who knows if we’ll ever find an end to creation, both big and small! Just imagine all the math that goes in to keeping the universe working!

Creation or Chance?

I believe that the universe was created. It’s crazy to think that someone could have thought up complex math, physics, and quantum mechanics, but all that had to be in place before the very first quark was made. Creation could not exist without math. How did math come about?

But then where did God come from? I don’t know. Atheist or not, all of us have faith about the origin of the universe. It then comes down to theories. Which are you going to believe?

Does the theory of evolution fit the world as we see it? Many say it does, but there is plenty of reasons to say it doesn’t. Then we must ask ourselves why we insist on sticking with a worldview that doesn’t work.


Then there is the problem of religion. There are many major religions to choose from with who knows how many different variations of each! Close examination will prove that each has its own elements of exclusivity. Either one has it right, or none of them do.

I understand why people reject religion. During my teens, I rejected it all as nonsense and kept that mindset for thirty years. Yet, just as something nagged at me that millions and billions of years of evolution was arbitrary nonsense, something also bothered me about rejecting God. Then something big happened to me.

On that day, God touched me, and I have not been the same. Suddenly, my heart was softened, my ears unstopped, and my eyes were opened. I was drawn to the bible. It started to make sense. It became clear to me that God was speaking to me through this book.

Most religions and churches are garbage because they seek to please man by fashioning gods of their own imagination. Don’t worry about that. If you truly want to know God, humble yourself and repent of your sin. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Choose wisely.

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