Jesus Is Coming, Again!

Americans are busy preparing for “the most wonderful time of the year” – Christmas. How little time we give to the thought that Jesus is coming, again!

That’s right. Look, Jesus has always been around. Always.

Jesus appeared many times on earth before that first Christmas, although not in the form of a human. There are many places, including the burning bush of Moses, in which is recorded “the angel of the Lord.” This is Jesus.


Christmas is when he was born of a woman. Many prophecies recorded what it would look like. Why? So that we might be sure of who Jesus was.

Why is this important? Because all the predictions foretold of someone very special, of one to come. He came for two reasons. First, he came to live the pure, holy life that God intended the rest of mankind to live.

Our sin disqualifies us from being with God. You have a lifetime of sin accumulated that is keeping you from entering heaven. You and I, and every person ever born, willfully, intentionally, and purposefully reject the one, true and living God and instead worship gods of our own creation (Romans 3).

All except one. Jesus Christ. He came, as a human, to live a perfect life so that he might be qualified to act on our behalf.

Died For My Sin

The other reason Jesus came to act as our substitute. He died so that we might not die, eternally speaking. That’s either good news or really bad news. It’s bad if we stand in judgment for our deeds. None of us will pass this final exam on our own merit. Eternal punishment is the only judgment for you and me.

Jesus died on the cross so that we might have life through the forgiveness of our sins. How does that work? If we simply believe in him, our sins may be forgiven. They don’t go away. They are actually paid for by Jesus’ blood, if we only believe.

What does it mean to believe? It means to walk away from what you once knew and follow Jesus with all your mind, soul, and body. You do that, God will rewire you. You will hate sin (which you once loved), and love God (who you once hated). Unless you are born-again, you will never see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

Jesus Is Coming, Again!

For those of you who continue to refuse him, the prospects are absolutely dismal. Jesus is coming, again, but this time in judgment. There will be no escaping. Unless your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, you will spend all of eternity in the lake of fire. In torment.

Don’t get caught up in the usual Christmas frenzy. Yes, Jesus came, and he came to offer you salvation. Don’t be a fool and let this escape you. Repent.

Choose wisely.

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