The test results came back positive, as I expected. I have COVID. What is this plague all about? Is it a natural phenomenon or something made by humans? Is it benign or evil in nature? At the time of this writing, I am in Day 3 of symptoms. It’s been a like a nasty cold, and I feel much better today than yesterday. I’m hopeful I have seen the worst of it.

Others haven’t been so fortunate.

Is there a purpose behind COVID? Indeed, there is. This plague is here for one reason and one reason only – to turn our attention to God.

Crazy Talk.

Lots of you now think I’m a nut-job. I understand. At one time, I would have thought so, too. Things are different since God touched me on that glorious day in June 2007. I see things from a brand-new perspective.

For example, the bible fascinates me. It’s a story of God redeeming mankind from itself. You might not have known that, but it is. It’s a story of humans rejecting God, and God calling them back to him. How so? By his kindness. Stop and think about that. Who among us is unable to count blessings? Some have seemingly greater blessings than others, sure, but all have things to be grateful for. Here’s the kicker on that: God’s blessings are meant to lead you to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

God also calls us though difficulties, even death. COVID isn’t anything new. God has used plagues many, many times in judgment, and will continue to do so again. Drought, flooding, insects, you name it, all have the same purpose – to refocus our attention toward God.


Yet, here I am, a believer who has repented. Why did I get COVID? Look, a plague can hit anyone, but the purpose is still the same. The unbeliever is called to repent and believe in Jesus. The believer is called to warn the unbeliever. Yet, the church has been very fat and lazy in this. I include myself in this assessment. God is calling his church to get off our rear-ends and proclaim the gospel, and you can bet your last dollar that this plague is meant just as much for the church as it is the damned.

It’s a serious wake-up call. Will you wake up? Or will you slumber or blame others for the plague? Or, will you shake your fist at God in open defiance for all to see? Remember, unless you are doing the will of God, you are in rebellion. One day, perhaps much sooner than you think, you will stand before him to give an account for all that you have done.

Choose wisely.

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