It’s No Joke.

Have you heard the story when God killed a man simply for touching his stuff? When David became King of Israel, he brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem by an oxen-led cart. That’s not how God instructed. No, God was clear, through the writings of Moses, that the ark was to be carried in a specific manner. They found out the hard way when one man touched the ark. God killed him on the spot. Why him? Why not David? Or why not all of those involved? I can’t answer that other than to say that God’s law is serious. It’s no joke.

Look, I rejected the bible because of stuff like this. I was wrong.

God’s Law?

We can’t escape that the universe exists. How it came to be is a topic of debate. As crazy as it is to consider the idea of God, it’s just as crazy to think that the universe popped out of nothing. To believe one or the other takes faith.

If God did create everything, then everything is his including physical laws, like gravity, and moral laws, like the Ten Commandments. If he wanted to make creation without gravity, he could have. Or, if he wanted murder to be OK, he wouldn’t have declared it a sin.

Gravity isn’t a law that we can change nor are moral laws open for a vote. Certainly, we try, but that doesn’t change God’s law. Indeed, we find that God is not only the lawmaker, he is also the only judge. We might not like that, but who are we to argue?

It’s No Joke.

We are certainly free to reject the bible, but that simply establishes our rebellion. But does the bible accurately reflect God’s true nature? Stories like God killing Uzzah for touching the ark certainly beg the question.

Was God unreasonable for killing Uzzah? No, because God established that specific punishment (Numbers 4:15). Do we agree with that? Maybe not, but that’s not for us to decide.

We have gotten so far from God’s law that we don’t even recognize the harm when we violate it. In fact, we look the other way even though we know our sin will eventually ruin us. God’s intention is to prevent us from doing just that.

His punishment is severe. It’s no joke. It’s intended to make you think real hard first. God is severe, but he is also merciful.

By now, I hope you realize that you are in a serious position because of your own sin. Hell is a real place. The good news is that Jesus offers you hope of escaping that awful reality. Call upon his name in all sincerity. Turn from your sin (all of it), and change your ways. You’ll find your sin is so ingrained in you that you cannot rid yourself of it. You can’t, but Jesus can. He will change your heart, your life, and your permanent address. It’s a matter of faith.

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