The Problem of Evil

Why do bad things happen to good people? If God is all-loving, why is there so much pain in the world? Incredibly, some philosophers argue that there is no such thing as “evil” since everything is relative. I say nonsense to this thinking. There is no “relative” in the actions of a child abductor. How can one deny the problem of evil?

In fact, the more we examine the problem of evil, the more we see of it. It almost seems that there is no bottom to the abyss. How, then, can we say that God is good?

Good, according to whom?

Certainly, God sees the evil we see – and a whole lot more! While we see some evil in some people, God sees all the evil in all of us. You and I included! The most concerning problem is our lack of faith because without it no one will be saved. As I explained yesterday, faith is demonstrated through a whole new person, born-again by the Holy Spirit. Repentance certainly is a component, and not just of a particular sin, here and there, but of all sin.

God indeed has a long-term plan for dealing with the problem of evil. It’s called Hell. He also has another plan, one of mercy and compassion. This is available only to those who have been born again. Jesus is the focal point. The only focal point.

People don’t like this, so they ignore it. They make up their own rules. Do you really think that we can ignore the one who created all of creation and tell him what’s what? Nope.

The evidence is plain.

The evidence is plain to see. Of God, one only has to look at nature to see that it is impossible for all this to suddenly “pop” into existence and for life to mysteriously emerge out of the inanimate. Each of us will be held to account for dismissing God in all this.

Regarding Jesus. The ultimate proof of who he is is in his resurrection from the dead. Without that, he’s just another loud-mouth executed by the Romans. However, careful examination rules out all contrary theories. The conclusive evidence was that Jesus was raised from the dead.

Furthermore, there is a written record throughout the ages telling of a man to come, a savior, whom will indeed save us from our sin. Without doubt, the only one that fulfills all this prophecy is Jesus of Nazareth. No one else matches all the predicted criteria. For more, check out this book.

Take heed, please.

Evil is here. It will all be dealt with according to God’s plan. He is also offering to you, today, an opportunity to escape his wrath. Be wise. Take it.

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I wish you well!

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