2020-09-11 Rachel Is Weeping

“Then Herod…killed all the male children in Bethlehem….”Matthew 2:16 A third prophecy in Matthew 2 is called “Application Fulfillment.” This one is different in that it similar to a description rather than a specific fulfillment like the other two. In the first, Jesus came out of Bethlehem. In the second, Israel AND Jesus both came … Continue reading 2020-09-11 Rachel Is Weeping

2020-09-10 Messianic Prophecy: Typical Fulfillment

“What the Lord speaks, that will I speak”Numbers 24:13 Another type of fulfilled prophesy from Matthew 2 is called, “Typical Fulfillment.” I don’t have an easy definition of this other than to say that it assumes a vast knowledge of Old Testament scripture behind the prophecy. Let me first show you the verse in Matthew … Continue reading 2020-09-10 Messianic Prophecy: Typical Fulfillment