God of Violence

Many criticize the bible because it is so violent. Indeed, it is. The fact of the matter is, most is directed at the people he set aside to specially bless. I’ve heard many compare God to that of an abusive husband/father – of the worst kind! Is there any excuse for this God of violence?

Indeed, there is no excuse at all, if you refuse to examine the record! We start off with wrong assumptions and compound our error by refusing to look at the facts. Let’s start with the primary assumption, that the God of violence is taking his anger out against innocent people.

The fact of the matter is the people back then were not innocent. That hasn’t changed over time, even today.

A Special People

That’s the human condition. That’s the clear record of the bible. Yes, the God of violence will punish those in open, lawless rebellion against him. Righteousness and justice are the cornerstone of his throne, so, certainly, rebellion must be put down. In fact, that’s what The Flood was all about. God dealt with rebellion. With violence. He wiped out everything.

Everything except for one very small family, led by the only man at the time who would obey God. God, in his mercy and for his own name’s sake, kept a small remnant alive. However, it wasn’t long after the flood that we find even this family refused to obey.

Eventually, God designated a specific people, through the lineage of Abraham, to be special in the eyes of God. No, these did not act differently than the rest of the world. They were always a stiff-necked, rebellious people, just like the rest. Yet God designated them as special in that he might provide salvation to the world through them.

The Law

In comes Moses. Through Moses, God provided that he called “The Law” which is best known through the Ten Commandments. The idea was simple: follow these rules and prosper. Refuse, and pay the consequences. The rules were clear. Obedience, although short-lived, was met with bountiful blessings, as promised. Rebellion was met with patience, much patience.

Eventually, after many, many, many prophets were sent to warn the people, God finally delivered his wrath upon them. It was brutal. Israel was delivered over to her enemies, once during the reign of Babylon and then to the Romans. Interestingly, all this was foretold by the written record of the prophets long before any of it happened, including the eventual re-establishment of the Jewish nation after WWI.

God of Violence

Is God violent? His track record is clear. His rules are clear. Don’t kid yourself that you are exempt from the wrath to come.

God is also forgiving to all who obey him. To these, the remnant, he pours out blessings beyond measure. Not like the world measures but rather in terms of heavenly treasure.

Choose wisely.

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