Whose Money Is It?

Money fascinates me. When I was a freshman in college, I saw a sign that said, “If you love money, you’ll love Finance.” Yes, I enjoyed accounting and working with numbers, but I also wanted money myself. Money can be either a snare or a blessing. It’s very easy to become selfish when asked the question, “Whose money is it?”

I’m in the banking business and have worked with the poor and wealthy alike. I can assure you that greed is a problem for all. On the other hand, one can find generosity all across the spectrum. The amount of wealth has nothing to do with this. It’s a matter of the heart.

For all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours

King David. 1 Chronicles 29:11

Whose Money Is It?

It is evident to me that those with the best attitude towards money consider themselves stewards, or caretakers, They have been entrusted to it. They realize it comes from God. As such, they are to handle money as if it were God’s.

This has far greater implications than one may think. Greed is a terrible thing. Lurking behind it is the abstract idea of equity. “I deserve better!” Despite assurances by Jesus that God will provide for our needs if we first seek the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:25-34), we doubt if He will. Therefore, we take matters into our own hands. How many of us know miserable people who have fallen into this trap! Some lose their family over their career.

Honest Evaluations

It’s very easy to overlook the cost of acquiring more that God provides. Keeping up with the Jones’ is more expensive than we might think. Seldom do we consider the value of peace of mind we could have when living within our means. Like an alcoholic who can’t imagine life without booze, we can’t imagine life without this or that or the other thing.

Look, God appoints to all according to His good will. Why some get more money than others is the same question as why some are attractive or why some are able to draw a beautiful picture. All are gifts from God; all are meant to be enjoyed. Certainly, all can be abused. God has promised to provide, conditionally. It’s our choice to decide if that is good enough or not.

With any gift comes responsibility. Money is no different. God also provides adequately for us to be generous. You likely are familiar with the two great commandments. To love God is to trust him and be satisfied with his provision. In that you will find great blessing. To love your neighbor is to be generous in their time of need. Sometimes God provides with a paycheck, other times with a donation. You’ll find great blessing in generosity.

You tell me. Whose money is it?

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