Not Afraid To Die

Fear makes news. This week we see people fall to their death in Afghanistan as they cling to evacuation airplanes in desperate attempts to flee the Taliban. They know all too well what is soon coming. COVID is again dominating the headlines as vaccines are failing to prevent the spread of the disease. The world certainly is in chaos. Yet, one thing is distinctive about Christians. We are not afraid to die.

Let me clarify that. Not everyone who claims the title Christian is one. These are afraid of dying. No, the ones I’m talking about are the born-again variety. I also need one more clarifier. We aren’t looking forward to the process of dying. What we AREN’T afraid of is what happens afterwards.

Certainly, we know people who risk their lives in their occupation or who selfishly lay down their life for the well-being of others. Atheists do that. So do those of other religions, including Christians. No, I’m talking about the everyday idea of death. In that, born-again Christians are remarkable in that they are not afraid to die.

Why Not?

Why not? Because we have the issue of death settled. We are at peace with God. We have no need to fear his wrath. Why not? Because of what God has done for us. You see, he changes those who are born-again. He changes hearts, giving us hope in which we rejoice.

The bible describes this in Romans 5:1-11. In fact, it’s all over the bible. “Fear not,” is a command that may seem impossible, but it’s not. Well, it is, apart from the gift we receive through Jesus. God has given us all an awareness of him through the natural world (Romans 1:19-20) and a conscience aware of his moral law (Romans 2:14-15). Yet, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) Our only hope is through the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ, his Son, in which we must have faith.

You will hear debate whether God chooses us or we choose him, but, ultimately, one knows because there is a significant, lasting change in the one who is saved. This includes losing the fear of death.

Not Afraid To Die

Does that mean one will not beg for mercy when a gun is at your head? No, but isn’t it interesting how many refuse to recant, even to the point of death?

Look, the original Apostles wrote their death sentences for refusing to stop talking about Jesus. They knew full well their end would be a violent death. Why did they keep it up? They had seen the risen Jesus Christ. They KNEW it was true. So do we. Yet, fear still can creep in, so we ponder these things. We relish in the gift we have been given.

Would you like to knew Jesus? Would you like to have the issue of death settled, once and for all. Seek him. Repent and be saved.

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