Enough Is Enough!

We’ve been reading 1 Samuel. My, there certainly is action in the first few chapters! One can’t but help notice how heavy God’s hand was on Israel. It’s as if he said, “Enough is enough!”

Here’s the backdrop. A faithful, barren woman prayed for a son and vowed to dedicate him to the service of the Lord. God answered, and she did as she promised. So far, so good. The judge in those days, the hight priest, had two wicked sons that he failed to deal with according to God’s law. Therefore, God decreed that these sons shall die on the same day and that all the priests descendants will die young. As promised, the two sons died on the same day. The judge, the high priest, died then, too. He fell over when he heard the news and broke his neck!

The Ark of the Covenant

Through all this, the Ark of the Covenant was dishonored and even stolen! Their heart wasn’t with the Lord except to serve their own self interests, even the enemies who stole the Ark. Who knows how many of the enemy died while they possessed the ark! Given their reactions, it must have been a big number.

And when they did return it, the Israelites found themselves crossways with God. Why? They looked inside of the ark. They knew better than that. Therefore, God struck down 50,070 men of the people. Fifty thousand!

Clearly, in God’s mind, enough was enough!

Application for Today?

Does this story/lesson have any application for today? I should think so. How many people have died of COVID? Do you suppose that may have been a plague sent by God? Would he have reason to once again say, “Enough is enough!”? I should think so!

I write these posts to encourage believers. What can we do – today – to make sure we are doing as God commands? First, we need to make sure we aren’t hypocrites like Eli, the priest/judge in the story. Second, we need to share the gospel. We are commanded to make disciples and be ambassadors of reconciliation, are we not? Are you warning people of the wrath to come? We have just a small, tiny taste with this pandemic. Imagine what the Seven Bowls will be like!

Christian, today is the day for you to get in the game. If you are scared or don’t know how, let me steer you to Ray Comfort of Living Waters. He’ll show you how to share the gospel. Honestly, don’t be like Eli. It terrifies me to see the sin within the church while so many turn a blind eye. Don’t let that happen! The entire world needs the gospel – pagans as well as the church!

Father, stir up your workers! Send them out into the harvest. Indeed it is white!

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Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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