2020-03-09 Weekend to Remember

“Therefore a man should leave his father and his mother
and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”
Genesis 2:24

We just got back from a “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference hosted by FamilyLife. It was a wonderful time. There were 900 people in attendance with another event scheduled in Minneapolis this weekend as well. It was simply amazing to see that many people who carved out three days of their busy schedules to invest in their marriages. God is really doing good things through this ministry.

I’m especially excited that our little home church had 100% attendance. Well, some are going this coming weekend, but that counts! That’s quite remarkable considering the time commitment involved. Not only that, but it is a significant financial investment, too. The really cool thing for us is that we spent tithe money to send us. We have ZERO overhead, so our tithe goes where we want it to go. What better way to build the kingdom than by investing in the very foundation relationship that God created in the Garden – marriage!

There was a wide range of marriages represented. There were several that have been married 40+ years. Others, like Melissa and me, are engaged. Some were very happily married. For others, divorce papers have already been served. The fact that these folks were there provides hope that their marriage can be saved.

Afterall, Jesus is in the business of restoration. He’s the one that instituted marriage. Satan is the one who is intent on destroying it, but Jesus came to destroy HIS works! Jesus is life. His weapons are divine in nature and have power to destroy strongholds. If two people are willing to do the work, you can bet that Jesus will be there, too!

That’s not to say that everyone will do their fair share. Jesus can work around that. Listen, if there are two believers, you can be sure that the Holy Spirit is working on both. Even if one isn’t fully engaged, it’s far better to have one than none. Right? And if there is only one believer, the marriage can still be fruitful. God will bless the unbeliever through the believer.

Take some time and check out the link. There are times and locations all over the country. If you can’t make one locally, why not make a trip out of it? It would be much better to go to travel to some boring Midwest town for this marriage conference than it would be to go to some all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Far, far better.


Father, thank you for the Weekend to Remember and the commitment all the folks at FamilyLife have to marriage. Father, bless them and provide for their financial needs so that they might encourage and teach more and more of your children, perhaps many that are reading this today. Amen.

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