Working the System?

A couple days ago, I wrote about our changing environment and how it might affect the lives of many. It’s all speculation, but we would be foolish to think that things aren’t different today. Business as usual won’t be business as usual any more. You can find that post here.

What IS undeniable is that Facebook blocked me from promoting my article because they deemed it “political.
They have had a block on all ads of this nature since the election. They don’t say when that block will be lifted. They also don’t reveal their criteria for classifying ads.

You may be interested to have learned that I pay Facebook to get my article to the public, but I do. Here’s why. I have roughly a 1,000 followers on Facebook; yet if I don’t promote my page, only 100 or so will even see it. Granted, not everyone is on Facebook every day, but that sure seems low to me. It’s believable, however, when I consider that out of 671 friends that I have on my personal page, I only see a handful.

I pay Facebook so people will see my post. That’s the plain truth. Otherwise, the message doesn’t seem to get to the people who ask for it. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is. That’s the system, and I’m working within it.

Why do I want more people to see my posts? My sole purpose is to encourage believers so that they may realize the gift of their salvation and eagerly share the good news. It’s too easy to slide into the affairs of this world and not appreciate the mercy God has bestowed upon us. I would write this blog even if I couldn’t send it out, just to keep preaching the gospel to myself. I must because I easily forget it.

So, if it costs money to do so, then it costs money. That’s ok because whatever I have belongs to God anyway. You may notice that I don’t run ads or promote products. Who knows, maybe down the road, but I like the idea of making things clean. A “sponsor” kinda has control over the “sponsee.” I want to share the gospel, not make money doing so.

I’m going to try promote this post. I hope it makes it through the screening process. I’m going to include links to the other article so you can easily judge for yourself Facebook’s filter. If you would like to make sure you see my post, you can do a couple things.

  • Mark my Facebook page to see it “first” in your newsfeed.
  • Sign up for email for new posts directly on my blog site (here).
  • What about MeWe? I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this.

Thanks for your time!

Father, I know that our times are in your hands. I trust that you will make a way to get this post to those who you want to see it. Indeed, you are in control. Amen.

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