You Gotta Want It.

Someone dear to me has a roommate with severe depression. Anyone who has been in these shoes knows how hard it is to see someone in trouble yet refuse your offer to get help. The painful reality is that to improve, you gotta want it.

It’s one thing to neglect doing dishes because of depression. It’s quite another when serious health consequences are at stake. Sometimes, even a person’s life may be in danger. The longer you live, the more likely you will know of someone who has died because they refused help. I have a list that is getting longer all the time. I was almost on that list because of booze.

Our Biggest Problem

We all have an even bigger problem that depression or alcoholism. That is our sin. Just as the depressed person can’t seem to see the true nature of their problem or that help is so close at hand, we all are blind to our sin. We don’t see the true nature of our sin much less recognize that help is so close at hand.

It’s terrifying to realize that someone could easily lose their life if they don’t treat their depression. It’s even more terrifying to know someone who will one day be held to account for their sin. That’s why the born-again Christian is so adamant about sharing the gospel. There simply is too much at stake not to.

Some accuse us of scare tactics. I understand this, but stop to think for just a moment on this. Could we possibly be right? Could you possibly be so in denial that you refuse to see what might be so plain? Look, to get help, you gotta want it.

You Gotta Want It.

Like treatment, you have to want help. The good new is that help for our sin problem is much easier than getting into a medical facility. The bible is very straightforward about this, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13, Acts 2:21, for just three examples)

We know intuitively that there will be a day that all debts will be accounted for. The bible is clear that we will not be able to pay that bill. That’s what Jesus came for, to offer us a means of salvation (John 3:17).

But, you gotta want it.

Choose wisely.

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