The Demon-Possessed Man

Have you every looked into someone’s eyes and known there is something very, very wrong inside of them? You look into their eyes and don’t see the person you knew. It’s like something else is inside the person. We see a bible story like this in what is commonly referred to as The Demon-Possessed Man.

It is terrifying to have an encounter like this. You know that great harm is imminent, but you don’t know how bad it could get. Could the person harm me or himself? Certainly. Maybe even much worse.

Sometimes people are killed. Sometimes lots of people. Everyone wonders how could this have happened. “This isn’t the person that I once knew.”


The bible story tells of a man like this. Everyone was terrified of him. Rightly so. Yet, Jesus made a special trip to see him. He wasn’t afraid of the man. Jesus came to set him free, and he did. One moment the man was naked and out of control, the next, he’s sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed and in his right mind.

I’ve witnessed this deliverance in men I have known. I also know many people like this who have been set free. Jesus is still in the business of miracles, that I assure you. Back then, the man saw Jesus face-to-face. Now, we don’t. That doesn’t mean he isn’t here. His spirit is.

Doubt and Rejection

Incredibly, in the story, the people begged Jesus to leave. How strange is that? Here was a man who terrorized a community, yet they drove out the man who saved the day! It’s as if they would rather had the demons still with them as opposed to having Jesus around. Very strange, indeed.

Yet, it’s not so strange because we have the same thing happen today. When a person is delivered by Jesus, they are so overwhelmed that they make a point of telling everyone what happened and who did it for them. Just as Jesus sent out the man in the story to tell people what God had done for him, so he sends us out.

I say us because I am one who was sent. I don’t think that I was the demon-possessed man, but I certainly was in bondage with alcohol. It is fair to say that something else was in control of me.

When you hear someone who tells you of Jesus’ deliverance, pay attention. Don’t be like the people in the bible story. Whether you realize it or not, we all are in need of a savior. Yes, even you. And Jesus is the only one qualified to do it.

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12

Choose wisely, my friend.

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