Spring Is In The Air!

It snowed here yesterday. Several inches. Right after an out-door-all-day-long-kinda-day on Saturday. That’s OK. It was a beautiful snow and won’t last long. Spring is in the air!

You can tell by the positioning of the sun. The sun rises earlier and sets later. Pay attention and you’ll see the sun rising (and setting) farther north on the horizon each day. As the earth makes its way around the sun, you can watch the progression on the horizon. The sun is also climbing higher in the sky each day. Altogether, we have more hours and more direct sunlight. Things are getting warmer. Yes, spring is in the air!

The birds and animals are changing their behavior as well. The cardinals are signing loudly through the trees. Smaller birds, such as the chickadee, nuthatch, and sparrow, fill the woods with song. It’s a really nice time to be outside! The deer change their feeding locations now that snow is melting and food is easier to find.

The pregnant does are starting to show. It won’t be long before we see fawns scampering around. Right before that is a chaotic time when the moms drive away last year’s young so they can give their full attention to their new babies. We see when this is happening by watching the deer on the highway. The small deer panic in confusion and gather in small herds as they try to make sense of it all. They cross the road much more than usual at this time.

Like Clockwork

All this happens because God has hung the stars, planets, and moon in place, exactly as he wants. All this is so amazing. We can’t even get our heads around the size of our universe. Galaxies are like specks of dust miles and miles apart. We wouldn’t be able to see any of it except for the fact that everything else is so, so black. Despite the size and distance, everything hangs in perfect balance with each component influencing on and being influenced by all the other objects in the sky. The bible says that it is Jesus who does this, “and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17) For more on that, see a previous post of mine.

R.C. Sproul is known for his saying, “There are no maverick molecules.” Everything is under God’s control. If it weren’t, God would be unable to prophesy anything. One butterfly flap would have the potential to change the course of everything. However, we are witness to all prophecy coming true in its time. None of this would be possible unless God was completely in control, and he is. As chaotic as the springtime behavior of the deer may seem, God is in control. Indeed.

This is a good thing.

What does that mean for me, as in today? It means that God is in control of my life, too. Yes, I can do things to influence my day, certainly, but ultimately God is in control. He has chosen me to be one of his own. He has good things for me that are guaranteed to happen (see Romans 8:30, for example), things that I can hardly imagine! Even if I sin, he brings me back to him (see Hebrews 12:3-17). Depending on my stubbornness, I may be roughed up by his discipline, but he will not cast me out or lose his grip on me (see John 10:27-30).

God is in control. Spring is in the air!

Father, I thank you for my salvation. Apart from your mercy, I would already be dead, as dead-dead, in my sin, forever paying a debt that could never be repaid. Instead, you have something much different for me – all because you chose to have mercy on me. What can I say other than thank you? Amen. Oh, and I want you to know that I’m glad that you’re in control of my life and not me. Amen, again.

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