What A Beautiful Morning!

Father, my God, Creator of all,
     As I look at the sunrise today, 
         I am amazed at how little I pay attention.
     Your majesty is there before me,
         yet I barely notice.
     Little do I understand that all that I see
         serves as testimony to you.
Indeed, your thoughts of me are continual.
    You knew me before the beginning of time;
         you know me now and always have.
    You wrote my name in the palm of your hand;
         in it, I am safe. Nothing can remove me.
    You have promised to be with me always;
        you have proven trustworthy.
I remember the times you made yourself plain.
    I was still lost and refused your call;
        what a fool I was!
    In your mercy, you let me go;
         to experience the wages of my sin.
    Until that day when I needed you most;
        when you plucked me out of my despair.
Now my life has been forever changed.
    I know my name is written in a book;
         the Lamb's book of life.
    You paid the ransom price for my soul,
        and gave me hope of a future.
   My bondage to sin has been broken;
         I can finally see!
There are times I still get discouraged.
    I forget all that you are,
        and all that you have done for me.
   Sin creeps in, slowly but surely;
        evil never rests.
   It tries to hide your light;
        as if it ever could!
You have promised good to me.
   You are my refuge, my fortress,
        my God in whom I trust.
   I am not the man I once was, I am a new creation.
       The old has gone; behold the new.
  You will complete that which you have started,
       of that, I can be sure.
Yet, I am reminded that I am but dust.
   This is a journey I can't take alone;
       without you, I can do nothing.
   Pull me close and never let me go;
       your warm embrace is what I need.
    Remind me of your kindness,
       because I so quickly forget.
Send me out to proclaim your name.
   A lost and dying world turns away;
        they, like I was, are fools who refuse to obey.
   I am no longer like them, by your grace,
        yet I have no reason to boast.
   I am saved, yes, of that I'm sure.
       but only because of you.

Copyright © 2020 Scott Powers

One thought on “What A Beautiful Morning!

  1. Scott,
    Thank you so much brother. I needed to see and pray this today. Fortunately, I also caught the sun rise today (and the moon rise last night). Both were amazing and I was taken back by Gods awesomeness.
    Blessing to you and yours,

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