2019-11-14 The Wild, Naked Man

“He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will
receive his wages according to his labor.”
1 Corinthians 2:8

I meet all kinds in my line of work. Actually, most of my customers are cut out of a little rougher fabric than many. And some of them make the rest look like they attend state dinners. There are two that have re-entered the scene. Both were men whom I shared the gospel with. They were very troubled men, angry, vulgar men, who cussed me out many times.

I had long forgotten them when out of the blue one texted me and asked to do business again. He claimed he was a new man and not the guy he was before. So, I called him up and listened to what he had to say. Mind you, I was hopeful, yet skeptical. I’ve been lied to many, many times by people who seek to take advantage of my faith. He certainly seemed like a new man, but I still wanted to verify it. So, I spoke with his pastor. He’s the real deal, born-again. How about that!

The next day, yesterday, another guy like him called with the same story. This guy was really wild. Actually, he was frightening. We had a long talk, and I asked him what he was studying. He replied, “Out of the book of Nahum.” He said it was something to do with the Lord being a stronghold and a refuge. Interestingly enough, Melissa posted Nahum 1:7 on Facebook this morning, that very verse! She didn’t know that about my conversation yesterday. Anyway, when I spoke with him, I told him that he reminded me of the demon-possessed man, the one no one could contain yet Jesus had him clothed, in his right mind, and sitting at his feet in blink of an eye.

Two wild men who now have been tamed by Jesus. Incredible! Praise be to our God who can turn a man into a saint!

Now, I take no credit for any of this. Sure, I shared the gospel with both, but God is the one who had mercy and saved them. I was part of an active audience, if you will, but God is the one who gets all the credit. Even so, I will receive something for doing what I did, if what scripture tells us is true. I know one thing, I am receiving part of it knowing that these two lost souls will now forever enjoy the kingdom of God! Maybe Jesus has something more in mind when I get to heaven. Who knows? All I can say is that I was once one of those men, but no longer. Jesus saved me just like he saved these two.

This is really encouraging. At one time, I thought success was in leading people to Christ. I see now that I don’t lead anyone. Yes, I may get the privilege to participate in the process, but I cannot convince anyone on the merits of Jesus.

Having said that, I also was encouraged last night by listening to an interview with Ray Comfort, a well-known evangelist. He was so smooth with his delivery and presentation of the gospel that I was simply mesmerized. I could use a little practice on that. I think it will certainly be worth my time.

Father, heaven rejoices at the repentance of a sinner. I can’t wait to hear that! What a glorious sound that must be! Teach me how to share the gospel. I would like to do more of that, Father. Amen.

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One thought on “2019-11-14 The Wild, Naked Man

  1. Awesome testimony! Wonderful post. Thank you. My wife, Wanda, has studied many of Ray Comfort’s videos and learned how to present the truth to all people. His methods are spot on. You would do well to study what he has learned as it is very much in line with Scripture and very effective.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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