2018-05-07 Inviting A Beating!

Good Morning!

What beautiful weather we have had! The farmers around here are finally getting in the field and much-needed rain is coming.

I had the following verse come up twice in the past few days. It needs to be shared!

Acts 4:20 for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.”

Of course, this is part of what Peter and John replied to the council right after their appearance at Pentecost. Those folks were “greatly annoyed because they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead.” (v. 2) This was no small risk on these new preachers. After all, their leader had been brutally tortured and crucified on a cross! Do you think for a minute that they didn’t expect the same thing to happen to them? Yet, here they were, in front of these murderers, telling them they will keep right on singing their song. Wow! I bet steam was blowing straight out of all the council’s ears!

That’s a little of the spirit that I write this blog. I can’t help but speak of the things Jesus has done for me. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m nothing special. What IS special is Jesus and what he has done for me. I am NOT the man I once was. I guarantee you one thing, there would be NO WAY I would ever consider banging my drum for Jesus on social media. No way, no how. Yet, here I am!

The primary purpose of these posts is to encourage believers. Why? Because we quickly lose our enthusiasm to the cares of this world. New believers are extremely zealous about sharing their faith – early on. All too often, that starts to fade.

We can quickly get back into that early mindset when we once again connect with God. When we remember our transformation and again start telling others, we find our energy levels at super-human strength. We may need to make adjustments in our lives. No matter, we can easily regain the same enthusiasm of Peter and John.

To that end, you may start noticing a few changes with this blog. First, I’m going to try shortening these up. I will also use hyperlinks for longer bible passages. Finally, I may toy with the time of day they are delivered. Please give me feedback. I want to continually improve the effectiveness of my writing.

Father, please guide me as I start making changes. My desire is to encourage all to share the wonderful news of Jesus. I cannot thank you properly for what you have done, only to say that this – he who is forgiven much, loves much! Amen.

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