2017-09-21 A Doctrine of Confidence

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Today is the last official day of summer! Why not enjoy it with a trip out to the beach?

I want to quick share a couple of resources if you are interested in studying more about this fascinating topic of predestination:


I don’t know much about many specific denominations, nor have I been compelled as yet to study them in-depth. I choose a church based upon whether or not they are serious about teaching straight from the bible. My church is The Open Door – a non-denominational, non-affiliated church. Prior to that I attended The Waters in Sartell. I enjoy going attending many churches, not because I am dissatisfied with my home church but because there are so many good churches out there. I wished that there were churches that offered Wednesday and Saturday services in my area. I would go.

Probably the message I enjoy most is concerns evangelism. At one service I attended, the Willmar AG church spent a great deal of time praying for the lost. Prayer teams were stationed throughout the sanctuary for individual prayer. It was a powerful service. I was incredibly touched as I watched people waiting in line to pray. On the other hand, at The Open Door, the service was cancelled because the pastor’s mother was taken to the hospital. The church stayed together a long time and prayed for her. That was powerful as well.

Here’s my my takeaway on predestination:

It should establish a humble confidence in us. We should be humble in that there is absolutely nothing we have contributed to our salvation except the pile of sin we have amassed. I condemned ourselves to an eternity in the lake of fire. God alone chose to have mercy on me. Why? I have no idea. The bible is clear that it wasn’t because of who I am or what I have done. Therefore, I am above no one on this earth. There is no one that I am too good to share the gospel with. None. At the same time, there is no one too ‘good’ for me to share the gospel. Wealth, power, fame in others are not obstacles for me because I am a son of God.

It should establish unshakeable confidence. Because God chose me, I can be confident that I cannot lose my position. He knows my heart is wicked. He knows I will try run away. He also knows that he will accomplish what he said he would – to glorify me together with Jesus. I long ago blew my vow to follow him. Only because of the Holy Spirit within me do I stay. We don’t like to think our salvation is irresistible, but it is. Thank God for that!

It should establish a determined confidence. Nothing can take me away from God, even me. Therefore, I can focus on doing God’s will for my life. My home is together with Jesus in a world to which he one day will take me. I’m not going. He’s taking me. That is where I will spend eternity. This time on earth is nothing more that a moment. Why would I be concerned with anything besides God and doing his work? Shall I hide because the world thinks I’m a nut job for being a Jesus Freak? Shall I fret and worry about tomorrow’s bread? Shall I spend my time amassing fortunes and building bigger barns? Shall I indulge myself in the pleasures of this world? No! My prize is far greater than anything this world has to offer. In fact, the best of this world is garbage in terms of the Kingdom. Therefore, nothing should hold me back from God’s mission for me. We all have different assignments, true, but we all are required to share the gospel. In doing this, I have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

It should establish a peaceful confidence. Salvation is God’s decision, not mine. Therefore, I can focus my attention to proclaiming the gospel and not worry about the outcome. No one’s eternity is in my hands. I cannot fail at delivering the gospel. I cannot mess it up. Why? Because God alone opens a person’s eyes and ears. If God has determined a person to be saved, you can be assured that he will do it whether or not you carry out your assignment. You cannot derail God’s plan for someone even through negligence. You can refuse a prompting by God. You can give misleading or incorrect information, intentionally or unintentionally. It doesn’t matter. God has his eyes on certain people and will accomplish that which he has determined. So, you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need to know all the answers. You don’t need to worry that you blew an assignment. Nobody will be perfect and God knows it. He enjoys sending us out when we go with Him. We are at peace with God.

Long story short, we have nothing to brag about regarding ourselves, but we do have everything to brag about with regards to Jesus. In this we can feel confident because we have NOTHING TO LOSE!

Tomorrow we’ll look at Romans 9. In case you were wondering, today’s message was inspired by Romans 8.

Father, let us walk boldly to do your work. Let today be the beginning of a renewed confidence in you. Let us confidently boast about you! Amen.

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