Last Night’s Debate

I know that yesterday I wrote about not being distracted by politics, so you might be surprised to learn that I purposefully and intently watched last night’s presidential debate.

I’m glad I did. In my opinion, the first debate was a disaster for Donald Trump, well for both men, but especially so for Trump. Why? Quite frankly, I was embarrassed by his unprofessional behavior. Apparently, his team really drilled it into him that he needed to change that. Our country deserves better than what we saw during the first one.

Donald Trump is once again a contender for my vote. He had lost it at the first debate. He hasn’t clinched it yet, but the fact that he’s not out is very good for him.

Which gets me to my final issue: the two-party system. Quite frankly, it’s toxic and has almost killed us. The hatred it generates leaves me speechless. Certainly, Satan is enjoying every minute of it because his purpose is simple: to steal, kill, and destroy. We see that happening right before our eyes.

It is my opinion that this has to change, and the only way it will is if someone does something about it. The tide has to turn in which enough people bail on their party so that the leadership has no choice but to change. 

Look, with each only having one enemy, all that politicians have to do is keep enough voters motivated to keep themselves in office. Having one common enemy seems to work perfectly for that.

As it is, abortion is divisive enough that it has polarized the two parties. Both sides are worried sick that they will lose their edge. I happen to think that it should be outlawed altogether. Others think that a baby isn’t human until you put it in your car to go home. Until that time, you can do whatever you want with it – including kill it.

But I can’t believe that all Democrats think this way, yet they are being forced to endorse it because they agree with other stuff that is important to Democrats. The same is true with Republicans.

So you have a super-issue that not everybody is passionate about that divides the country. I really don’t know what to do about this problem. Do I hold to my guns and demand it outlawed with the slim chance it will ever happen or do I endorse negotiations that might save the lives of half of what might otherwise be aborted? That’s a topic for another day.

In the meantime, everyone has super issue, whether it be COVID or Iran or BLM or this or that. Perhaps if we weren’t so encamped as enemies we could have rationale discussions about these things and maybe even get things accomplished for the good of our country.

God has established this government in which the people have a voice in how they are governed. I am obligated to use that voice through my vote. How can I possibly feel good about casting a vote that further perpetuates the power and self-interest of a handful of people at the top? These people, life-long politicians, get filthy rich while in office. Don’t tell me they don’t have incentive to use every dirty trick in the book to protect that!

That’s why I examine myself and my motives in light of scripture. Do I honor Jesus when I cast my vote for what we are seeing? Does “All-Red” get me off the hook when one day I shall have to answer for every careless word I have uttered? I don’t think so, not when it serves to perpetuate a system that is killing this country.

We all have this obligation. We can’t be held hostage to the idea that our vote is primarily a tool to keep the OTHER party out of office. That’s ridiculous! If the other side’s plan is that bad, then it will fail and end with everyone voting for change.

Someone has to be the first to jump off this crazy ride. Re-electing Trump won’t bring about the end to the two-party system. Tell me, what would be wrong having this conversation with Republicans? Or, gasp, even Democrats? They are just as sick of this two-party system as we are. Maybe it’s time for kitchen table discussions like this?

Now, back to abortion. I don’t see abortion being eliminated in this country anytime in the near future. It is evil to the core yet has been woven into the very fabric of our culture. God WILL judge us and WILL extend his wrath upon us unless, of course, he has mercy and changes our hearts through a revival. This whole thing is spiritual in nature and way beyond the ability of a few to vote abortion out of existence. God has given us over in our sin to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. The only answer to this battle is to invoke God. This is his war.

God has made it clear what we are to do. Armor up and stand firm. Be holy. Share the full gospel. Make disciples of those who are saved. We need more people who are willing to be like John the Baptist who was intent on pointing out sin and warning of the wrath to come in the hopes people might recognize the Savior.

Would you be willing to go to prison and lose your head like John the Baptist? Remember, this happened because John wouldn’t shut up about Herod’s sin. Look how he talked to the church leaders of his day! Wow! When’s the last time you confronted a liberal pastor about abortion? Or a Catholic priest about his idolatry? Or a politician about his corruption? Why would you do this? In case they might soften and you might get a chance to share the good news of the gospel. 

Are you seeing much of this going on? I’m not. I can’t recall a single Christian who has annoyed a king enough to get thrown in jail, like Herod did to John the Baptist.

I don’t know. These are some of the things that go through my mind.

Father, I pray for the true church that you will stir us into action. I pray that we repent and turn from our sin and seek your face to do your will. Perhaps you might forgive this nation and heal this land. Even if you don’t, stir us so that we simply cannot sit but must go out and share the gospel – both wrath and mercy, justice and righteousness, death and life. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Debate

  1. Hi. Hope you are well. Food for thought on Trump – what does it say about him that his people have to get to him to make him behave in a respectful manner? It says that’s not who he really is. I respect your opinion and agree on the two party issue. My issue with trump isn’t political, it’s moral and the example that is setting.

    • Hi, Tamara! All is well. Yes, you have a valid point, and I agree. It hard to comprehend how a nation full of qualified people cannot do better. Two presidential elections in a row. Amazing.

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