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As promised, today I will look at the only other pro-life candidate on the Minnesota ballot besides Donald Trump: Kanye West. To be fair, I don’t watch TV or bother with much media stuff, so Kanye West is off my radar. After looking into him, I’ve concluded that I’m not simply isolated, I live under a rock.

It turns out, he is one of the biggest names in music. Wikipedia says he’s one of the best-selling artists in the world. His clothing line has put him in the exclusive billionaire club. He’s also married to Kim Kardashian who’s family is famous for being famous. He’s outspoken in his opinions outside of music and fashion, including religion and politics. Oh, did I mention he is running for President in 2020?

So far, it sounds like he has spent a tad over $12 million on the campaign, with less than $20,000 raised outside of his own pocket. Yes, you read that right. He was late getting into the race and is officially on the ballot in only 12 states with a possible 84 electoral votes, not close to the 270 needed to win the election.

Does that matter if I am voting as if my vote only mattered to Jesus? Remember, I’m going off the biblical evidence that God is the one that raises and removes kings.

If he’s a good candidate, I don’t think it matters. But is he a good candidate?

Kanye West is 43 years old. He has had time under his belt to run lucrative record and apparel companies. Does that qualify him to be president with seemingly everyone gunning after him?

I guess if God is behind him, who can stop him? There were several kings in the Old Testament who followed the Lord but even these got seriously side-tracked with unholy alliances. God is behind anyone who stays true to him.

Is he distracted by the world, even though he’s outspoken about his faith? I don’t know this for a fact, but I would think that much of his music is garbage – as in sinful. Is he willing to walk away from making money on that? I hear about supposedly born-again rock stars who continue to tour with the band, playing awful music. Are they indeed born-again?

I have my doubts. Look, the Holy Spirit lives inside the born-again. You would think that sooner or later the sin of the music will repulse them so that the can no longer perform it. Right? Sooner or later the born again drunkard quits drinking.

Here’s the deal. We are commanded to test the spirits. Without a doubt about that. I simply don’t know enough about him to say. I do know that I won’t simply take somebody’s word for it. Satan disguises as an angel of light, so we must not be foolish to trust everyone who claims to be a Christian.

Yet, he certainly is going out on a limb to chastise things like abortion and sex trafficking. He is a black man who openly endorsed Donald Trump. That certainly cost him something.

Other than his faith, is Kanye West qualified to perform the job of President? I’m not sure that even matters because some will make the argument that many of our actual presidents weren’t qualified for the job. Nobody has experience in this office before taking it. All of them rely on an army of advisors. Even so, it’s scary to think a rap-star would be the most powerful man in the world.

Is this a man I should vote for president – considering my vote will be held to account by Jesus?

I’m not settled on any of this yet, but right here, right now, I give Kanye a thumbs down.

Father, help us. Amen.

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